Yvon & Janet

Yvon our chef and entertainer originally from Belgium, immigrated to Alaska in 1966, and is fluid in French. Both of his parents had restaurants in Belgium where crepes and waffles are a commonality of his culture.

Previously, Yvon was an experienced commercial printer trained on the Heidelberg printing presses in Germany, and a saturation commercial diver and had diving experiences world-wide with many stories to share. As a previous avid boat captain of a 100-ton vessel in Alaska, there are many ocean and fishing adventures expressed.

Janet was close to achieving her Master's degree in Speech Pathology. However, she moved from New Mexico to Dillingham, Alaska in 1972 to be a special education teacher for a year before returning to complete her Masters, or so she thought. She taught school in Anchorage for another 1 1/2 years. In 1975, she met Yvon, they married, and moved to Seward.

Janet created both the Seward Tsunami Swim Club (STSC) and the Seward High School Swim/Dive team in 1977. She took a 20 year break from teaching school and became Yvon's diving tender for their business "Black Dolphin Divers", and co-owner of their business "Alaska Pacific Seafoods". During that period, Janet became a certified scuba diver, raised three children +, and in 1987 was the co-creator of this Inn & Creperie.

She went back to teaching at the Seward Middle School in 1998. She retired as a swim coach in 2011, and retired from teaching school in 2012. Currently, Janet is the prep-cook, maid, and bookkeeper, etc. for their business, "Le Barn Appetit Inn & Creperie".


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